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the united states after being deporteds. >>> deron robby was convicted of taping his roommate. >>> on friday john edwards' jurors spent the day considering whether the former presidential candidate broke campaign laws by using donor money to cover-up an extramarital affair. jurors did not hear from edwards or his former mistress riel hunter. >>> our time is 4:37. we hope you enjoyed the weekend because we are in for an overcast monday. at 4:00 3-d howard will let us know if more showers are headed our way. >>> general motors makes another announcement about its advertising. >> the post shuttle private space flight. >> we are back in two minutes. welcome back. keep the rain gear handy. we have drizzle and spa and a few showers as well. maybe a thunderstorm this afternoon with highs in the mid-70s. i'm already looking ahead to the coming weekend. right now monica is in with timesaver traffic. >> reporter: southbound 395 a live look at an accident on the shoulder before duke street and obviously traffic is light. northbound 3-9d 5 is also good between the beltway and the 14th street bridge. com
with both the afghan and pakistani presidents. the united states and nato are trying to get pakistan to reopen key supply routes closed after a u.s. air strike. >> we didn't anticipate that the supply line was going to be resolved by the summit. we knew that before we arrived in chicago, but we're actually making diligent progress on t. >> protests monday outside the meetings were much more peaceful than sunday. police outnumbered the protesters as they followed them through the downtown streets. several protesters sat down in front of the reelection offices of president obama. >>> the u.s. senate has approved new sanctions against iran and its nuclear am bigs. the -- ambitions. it requires company that trade on the stock exchange to disclose any iranian business to the commission. it freezes assets on individuals and companies which supply iran with security equipment such as tear gas, rubber bullets and surveillance equipment which can be used against iranian citizens. >>> washington ash bishop wuerl is one of many suing the obama administration. it's intended to stop health care r
at military bases in the united states. many say what they sai saw in that courtroom frustrated them. this is the second arraignment for the defendants. the first trial was stopped when the obama administration tried to shut down gaunt. legal experts say it could be years before there is a verdict in this case. drew levinson, cbs news, fort hamilton. >>> the chief prosecutor says he is expecting hundreds of motions from defense lawyers before the case can go to trial. >>> there is no word if any charges will be filed against a driver who struck a pedestrian last night near nationals park. it happened right in the front of the ballpark on south capital street just before the start of the game between the nats and phillies. the female victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. >>> conflicting reports are emerging about a young man killed during a domestic dispute with his own father. some friends call matthew price a good guy. >> however, price was a registered sex offender. are the two related? we have more on the shooting. >> reporter: it is not clear if matthew price wa
. the contributions to music in d.c. and the united states. >>> our time is 4:31 the. >> once again the memorial service starts at noon at the washington convention center. be prepared for some traffic delays. there are several streets in the area that be closed during the service. if you can't make it down there, don't worry. we'll broadcast it live right here on channel 9 and stream it on >>> culpeper police officer daniel harmon-wright remains in jail this morning. he's charged with murder of the shooting after woman in february. a special grand jury handed down the indie.s late -- indictments late tuesday. he's accused killing 54-year- old patricia cook who was just sitting in a parking lot. cook and harmon ended up in some sort of confrontation. he claims she caught his arm in the window and was dragging him when he shot her six times. the special prosecutor in the case says that isn't the way it happened. >> terms "trapped "and dragged" were used. these were not distributors i would have -- descriptors i would have used. >> harmon-wright is currently on administrative leave with
to pack up and get out of the united states. the order comes from the obama administration in protest of last week's massacre in syria. 108 people killed, most of them execution style, plenty of them children. the united nations says entire families were gunned down in their homes. more than half a dozen countries have expressed their outrage by doing the same, expelling syrian diplomats. >>> tomorrow family, friends and the general public will be at washington convention center to pay their final respects to the godfather of go go. >> tuesday's viewing at the howard theatre was cut short because of last night's severe weather but this was the scene yesterday as thousands lined up to say goodbye. brown died nearly two weeks ago from pneumonia. he was 75. people didn't seem to have a problem braving the heat and the long line to say goodbye. >> it's just amazing. it just speaks to how much of he was loved. all across the city. >> on thursday streets around the washington convention center will also be closed for chuck brown's pep moral service. mayor vincent -- memorial service. mayor
to come to the united states. >>> the state of virginia is now asking a judge to overturn the verdict in the wrongful death lawsuit against virginia tech. last month a jury ruled in favor of two families of students who were killed in the 2007 mass shootings at the school. the jurors concluded that virginia tech officials waited too long to alert the students on the rest of the campus. state attorneys have filed a motion asking for the judge to rule in favor of the state instead. they arked the evidence present -- argued the evidence presented at trial did not support the jury's findings. >>> his bus veered off the highway last may killing five passengers. now we're learning the driver will be in court june 25 facing manslaughter charges. he was driving a sky express bus when he swerved off the highway. he admitted to police he fell asleep behind the wheel. >>> governor martin o'malley has called for a special session of the state assembly. the governor, senate president mike miller and house speaker michael bush agreed to reconvene the assembly on may 14. lawmakers will try to balanc
's the united states right there to me. >> reporter: the bikers have roared into town but they may walk out of here in silence. >> it's real tough. you can't describe t. you've got to live it. you've got to be -- being a vet, i can understand it but you see people down here, they lost somebody 30 years ago and it's just like yesterday. >> reporter: ten new names have been etched on the vietnam veterans memorial wall and were dedicated this month. >>> 4:34. here's a look at some of the other stories making news. the united nations security council is blaming syrian government forces for killing dozens of civilians with tank and artillery fire. the massacre happened in the town of houla where more than a hundred people, many of them children were killed. syria denies its forces were blamed for the bloodshed. it blames terrorists for the killing. >>> astronauts aboard the international space station have until the middle of the week to empty the dragon space capsule. they have to unload food and supplies from the unmanned commercial supply ship. the six astronauts will then load up the space c
to mark bin laden's death. >>> the associated press says the united states military is under reporting the number of times afghan soldiers and police have fired on americans and other foreign troops. an ap investigation, the associated press investigation found nato reports every time a coalition soldier is killed by an afghan in uniform but it doesn't report the number of times an afghan soldier or police officer wounds a u.s. or a nato troop or even misses his target. just last week two u.s. soldiers were wounded when afghan policemen shot at them. both afghan policemen were killed in that incident. but it was not reported to the international coalition. >>> the white house has confirmed what we've known for years. the united states military routinely conducts bombings on terror targets in foreign countries, including pakistan and yemen using unmanned drones. the white house counterterrorism says the targets are chosen based on the threat that person presents to americans. civilians who are bystanders have been killed in these attacks. heel said the strikes are -- he also said the st
current borrowing limit of $16.4 trillion by the end of the year. >>> the united states needs to reduce its arsenal of nuclear weapons by 80%. that is the finding of an advocacy group called global zero. in its report the group says the united states needs no more than 900 total nuclear weapons for security purposes in the post cold war area. the report comes out at a time when the obama administration is reportedly considering different plans. >>> the u.s. senate is expected to drop a bill which would extend benefits to federal employees in same-sex domestic partnerships. that's according to the "washington times." joe lieberman calls the bill the next step to equality for the gay community. this comes days after president obama says he believes same-sex couples should be allowed to marry. >>> as expected mitt romney picked up more delegates in his bid for the g.o.p. presidential nomination. he won primaries in nebraska and/or gan. -- and organ. >>> here in d.c. ward five now has a new councilman. kenny mcduffie won the special -- kenyan mcduffie won the special election. harry thomas,
, the president of the united states? >> it has got to be the pope. i would be surprised if it was anybody else. log on to wusa9's facebook fan page. we'll have the answer in the 6:00 hour. >>> we have clouds out there. sunshine returns by noon, 80. at 6:00 p.m. we'll be down to 83. looking better for the weekend. here's monika with your friday morning time saver traffic. >>> so far the rush hour looks good on route 50 as well between here, the beltway and annapolis and the bay bridge. everything is running smoothly. if you're getting out for an early getaway. coming up in my next report, we'll take another look at maryland roads at 5:00. >> sounds good. thank you, monika. >>> virginia residents can prepare for the upcoming hurricane season and same some money at the same time. the state is holding a sales tax holiday on emergency items like batteries, flashlights, tarps and first aid kits. it runs today through next thursday. emergency items which are $60 or less will be exempt from the 5% sales tax in virginia. generators which cost $1,000 or less are exempt as well. >>> this is what the holi
are traveling to the united states. >>> next week the g8 summit comes to camp david to maryland and so too do the protesters, sort of. it appears protesters will be able to gather in baker park in frederick but that's 21 miles away from the meeting. the move hasn't yet received the support of the city's police department. with all of the people streaming into the city, police are advising merchants to be on alert and while some businesses will close down next friday and saturday, others welcome the influx of new customers. >> a lot of new folks in town and tourists. so we're excited about it. >> will be a lot of traffic and all frederick county schools will close on the 18th because of concerns over clogged roads. police say they welcome the opportunity for protesters to exercise their right to free speech. however, they are standing by in case things get ugly. >>> well, the effort to stop student loans from going up hit a stalemate sort of. senate republicans blocked the democrat supported bill which would have stopped student loan interest rates from doubling. it would have been paid for by
resolving a diplomatic standoff with the united states. the activist escaped house arrest last week and spent six days inside the u.s. embassy in beijing but after voluntarily leaving the embassy he wants to leave the country. this move is the most positive response from china so far. >>> a collection of osama bin laden's letters reveals his plans for another attack he was working on and some concerns he had as he was hiding in pakistan. >> the military released some of the documents online yesterday. manuel gallegus has more. >> reporter: right up to the end, osama bin laden was plotting terror. a collection of letters from his final hideout shows he wanted to target airplanes carrying president obama. he said killing him automatically will make biden take over the presidency for the remainder of the term. he described the vice president as totally unprepared for the job. former deputy director of national intelligence and cbs news senior correspondent jon miller was the last western journalist to interview bin laden. >> i think in the end osama bin laden was struggling to figure o
,000 of these are consumed every minute in the united states. every minute. is it a, hamburgers, b, fremple fries, or c -- french fries, or c, soft drinks. >> log on to our facebook fan page and leave your response. we'll have the answer in our 6:00 hour. we'll be right back. >>> good morning. the clouds move in late other this afternoon. we'll definitely see highs peaking toward the 90-degree mark before the showers and storms arrive for your drive time home. >>> mo problems to report in from southern maryland as you head for the beltway and through oxon hill across the wilson bridge. in my next report, another look at area roads at 5:01. >>> 4:56. maryland's largest cuisine foe opens its doors for a media preview today. maryland live casino located at anne arundel mills mall scheduled to open to the public on wednesday, june 6. the gambling and entertainment complex costs $500 million to build. it's going to have 450 slot machines more than any of the other two casinos in maryland. >>> a northern virginia girl six years old is about to become the youngest person ever to compete in the national spelli
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